Best Buy will sell Series 30 RTX cards in stores early Tuesday morning

Best buy will sell series 30 rtx cards in stores early tuesday morning

On Tuesday, July 20, some U.S. Best Buy locations will have limited quantities of Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 Series cards available for in-store purchase. If you’ve been looking for an elusive RTX 3080 Ti or any other RTX 30 series card on the Best Buy site, you may have noticed that the “Store Only Event” label appears on some of the product lists. The notice links to a page detailing this opportunity early in the morning to purchase a 30 RTX Series GPU.

The 30 RTX series GPUs are sold for purchase in the store. (Image credit: Best Buy)

"Blue T-shirts from participating stores will start handing out tickets at 7:30 a.m. local time (Tuesday morning). We will be handing out one ticket per customer online. If you get a ticket, you will be guaranteed the opportunity to purchase a graphics card. in the store from 8 a.m. local time. "

Best Buy held a similar event for the launch of RTX 3080 Ti FE to frustrate reseller robots that collect all online orders seconds after updating stocks. Most online retailers have had issues with the same issue. While not convenient, we expect this in-store event to be a sign that GPU availability is increasing as it begins in 2021. (Although, even if that happens, we’ve recently learned that the high-end cards could get all the attention.)

These are the cities and stores that will supply the 30 RTX series GPUs:

List of Best Buys Participant RTX GPUs (Image credit: Best Buy)

Depending on where you live, you may need to get up early in the morning to secure a place in a row when Best Buy employees (or "Blue Shirts," the company says) begin. to assign tickets at 7: Tuesday at 30 p.m. Purchases are limited to one per customer. It is not that Best Buy follows any state or local order in relation to COVID security protocols. If you’re planning on venturing into the morning mist in search of Tensor Cores, we wish you luck.

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