Best Fortnite 6 Seasons -Best Landing Place in Season 6

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Best Fortnite 6 Season 6 got off to a fantastic start. Cards seem to be a little different from before the previous season and new POIs have spread across the island. It’s no surprise that players wonder about the best landing spots for the new season that guarantees the best booty.

5 Best Landing Places in Best Fortnite 6 Seasons

Booty is very important in royal battles like Fortnite. Being taken unarmed in self-defense is the last thing a player wants in the game. Therefore, it’s important to know the right place in Best Fortnite 6 season 6, where a good booty is guaranteed.

Best fortnite 6 seasons -best landing place in season 6

Five spots in Best Fortnite 6 seasons with best booty

1. Sweat pressurner

Sainty Sands, by default, will be the best place to land on Booty in Fortnite Season 6. It has over 20 loot boxes, apart from any random loot that appears in this area.

This location also has three different NPCs, namely Renaissance Raven, Spontaneous Specialist and Shadow. On top of that, the sweaty sand has lots of tall buildings that offer proper protection if the player wants to get involved in the firefight here.

2. Dirty Docks

This place is another favorite location for players who have played for a long time. The sales jetty was an excellent place to fly booty and a better place to get materials.

Rumor has it that the site could provide sufficient building materials for the entire lobby and still have some buildings in place. As the sand sweats, the dirty dock also has lots of blankets and blinds. Players should watch out for loot in Fortnite season 6.

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3. Best Fortnite 6 Seasons – Landing Places  Misty Meadows

This location is probably the best of the 6 season Fortnite for beginners. It was not as hot as the others and, at the same time, many houses were saved by the players.

The random loot pool in this area is also quite good, with players able to power up at least one rare weapon in most matches. After they filled the booty, players could easily move to another place.

4. Colossal plants

Best fortnite 6 seasons -best landing place in season 6

The colossal plant is one of the last POIs of Fortnite Season 6. There’s a large cornfield in the center, which offers great lookout protection.

Not to mention that the booty is also very good for players during the day. However, this site tends to warm up a bit as many players like to stop here due to their proximity to arrows.

5. Best Fortnite 6 Seasons – Landing Places  Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is another poi that has survived every season in chapter 2 so far and is still in Fortnite 6 season. Even if the builds can be quite confusing, it is a haven for those looking to easily optimize their shields.

When the water around the POI is filled with slurp, players can stand on the river that surrounds this site and watch the shields fill them up. The random booties that appear here are great too, as well as chests that tend to offer weapons of unusual quality for rare qualities.

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Best fortnite 6 seasons -best landing place in season 6

Fortnite Season 6 launched last week and an update rolled out.

With most of the learning community dissatisfied with some of the features and glitches in the game, players are relieved to see speculation putting the time of the next update around next week.

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Fortnite Season 6 Updated v16.0

Best Fortnite 6 Season received its first update on March 23, providing new weekly challenges and improved raptor eggs scattered across the full map.

On the same day, rumors about the publication date of the next update began to emerge.

Best Fortnite 6 Season attendees are now expecting the V16.10 update to be released in the fastest week.

This is partly because many members of the public have had problems with the newly introduced game features. Among the many changes, looper hopes that the epic game will match animal speed and vehicle spawn, primordial hunting weapons and emergency weapons.

Players think that the update may arrive next Tuesday because the first one has also arrived Tuesday.

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