Bethesda and Xbox donate $ 10,000 to the Humane Society in honor of Dogmeat

Bethesda and xbox donate $ 10,000 to the humane society in honor of dogmeat

There are very few video game animals as famous as Dogmeat. Introduced to the original Fallout, the canine companion suffered a huge ass pain but also a very good guy (as are all dogs), which led many players to make extreme efforts to protect him from his own. tendency to self-destruction.

Dog meat has been a staple of Fallout ever since, appearing in every game in the main series, not always the same dog, of course, as Fallout 1 and 4 are separated by more than a century, but the same kind of spiritual presence: a tough, loyal, toothless companion that we will all take lots of bullets for, without hesitation. The latest version of Dogmeat, in Fallout 4, was actually based on a real life dog named River.

Unfortunately, River died in June: its owner, Fallout 4's top tier designer Joel Burgess, shared an exciting Twitter compliment that made River look very similar to his video game counterpart: "His intentions were pure, but the his judgment was not always perfect. "

To honor River's death, Bethesda and Microsoft donated $ 10,000 to the Montgomery County Human Society and shared a link for others who also want to contribute. Montgomery County, Maryland, includes the city of Rockville, home of Bethesda Softworks.

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Human Society is funded solely through donations and income generated by private programs. Services include animal rescue and adoption, low-cost sterilization and sterilization clinics, microchips and vaccines, a pet food pantry, and educational programs.

The Montgomery County Human Society said in response to the donation that he was "honored to be a part of River's legacy."

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