Blink and you'll miss this joke by Valorant's new agent

Blink and you'll miss this joke by valorant's new agent

Valorant celebrates its first anniversary this month. To celebrate, Riot has shown a brief joke of the game’s next agent today Summer Game Fest home show. Believe me, though, it’s very brief.

The clip, which comes out at maybe three full seconds, lets us glimpse an unfinished robot hanging in a warehouse while a machined head comes to life. Is this the new agent? Did the new agent build this robot? Who can tell among us?

Assuming the robbery is actually the new agent, it would be the first list to grow. Valorant’s skills tend to revolve around magic rather than technology, so unless the new agent is some kind of technical technician (possible), they’ll likely specialize in luxury technology like Cypher and Killjoy.

That’s all we can really go through for now, sadly. We look forward to a full revelation of this mysterious robot before the end of June.

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