Blizzard and Epic vets hope to “revolutionize” role-playing games with a new studio

Blizzard and epic vets hope to “revolutionize” role-playing games with a new studio

A number of former Blizzard and Epic Games developers have been trained Lightforge Games, a new independent studio specializing in role-playing games. The team says it is working on "a new cross-platform social video game where players have the power to create worlds and tell stories with unprecedented freedom."

The studio was founded by Matt Schembari (former director of UI, Epic), Dan Hertzka, Nathan Fairbanks (former project manager and producer, BioWare, ZeniMax Online and Epic), Glenn Rane (former director of art, Blizzard) and Marc Hutcheson (former brand director and marketing director of Blizzard and Epic). Games from his resumes include World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Overwatch, Fortnite and The Elder Scrolls Online.

“We all love creative and very social games, and we especially love games where players are the protagonists of the narrative,” CEO Schembari said. "We're looking to combine Minecraft or Roblox elements with desktop role-playing games to form a new way to play role-playing games. Given our background, making a game that wants to revolutionize role-playing games was an obvious choice."

“Revolutionize RPGs” is bold and inaccurate, but here are some real details. Roblox is more of a platform for making and playing games than a game in itself. So, are we looking for a creative tool and a client for digital desktop adventures? Or will it be more like a custom-built player-driven MMO? Anything in between?

The remote study recently raised $ 5 million from various companies and investors, including Dreamhaven, the independent publisher and developer founded last year by former Blizzard founder Mike Morhaime, who says the studio "has a lot of potential."

Lightforge Games has recently expanded its list by hiring Bridget Collins (former game designer, Blizzard), Jarred Everson (former character artist, Blizzard) and software engineers Dan Mac Machy and Josh Gross (both of Epic Games). others. Lightforge is currently hiring for more roles, including lead animator and community manager.

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