Bloodborne's retro PC port shows its brutal first boss fight

Bloodborne's retro pc port shows its brutal first boss fight

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The last time we came across Bloodborne PSX, Lilith Walther's version of the elusive slasher From Software, looked promising, though a little rough. Six months later, and the developer has given us a good overview of the crisp first steps of Bloodborne on the PC.

Walther showed a youtube clip of a first head-to-head fight against Father Gascoigne. The resolution may be lower, the models larger, and the audio more diffuse, but it’s incredibly captured the essence of the FromSoft original. Even the opening scene was created with low-fidelity love.

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Most importantly, while it may look like a PS1 game, it certainly doesn’t seem to work as one. Walther seems to have nailed the hectic combat of the original Bloodborne, dodging attacks, perfecting stops and crushing at home with a well-timed counter.

Getting Bloodborne to the PC has been a dream come true for many since the exclusive PlayStation was released in 2015. But in a way, I’m almost more excited to see it get to desktop computers in this form, wrapped in the aesthetics of an expanding movement. PS1 style display again.

There is still a lot of work to be done, mind you, with Walther admitting that there are still animations to add and the notorious fog wall barrier to implement. Nor will the full version of Bloodborne be recreated, with current plans to recreate itself until Gascoigne’s struggle (or push toward Vicar Amelia, if things go well). When it's over, though, you can download Bloodborne PSX for free.

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