Book of Soulsborne fan art surpasses half a million mark on Kickstarter

Book of soulsborne fan art surpasses half a million mark on kickstarter

If this year’s Elden Ring revelation proved one thing, it’s that the appetite for Fromsoft’s most animated games continues to be as unfavorable as ever. Yes, the rest of the industry has chosen the bones of these games and there is no shortage of level B challengers, but nothing has come close: to the point that when Elden Ring appeared basically as Dark Souls 4, most from everyone I just thought "great!"

Va Youtuber Vaatividya has made a career with a soothing Australian accent and uniting the tradition of the community in well-produced videos: he has been present for the yonks and is often the preferred recommendation for anyone just entering the series and his tradition. Vaati some time ago started organizing fan art contests that are always very popular, which caught the attention of the Dublin-based publisher, Tune & Fairweather, run by Edge's ex-husband, Jason Killingsworth. The Tune & Fairweather signature project is a prodigiously produced edition of the Dark You Souls You Died volume by Killingsworth and Keza Macdonald, so you can probably guess what happened next.

Soul Arts: Presented by Vaatividya is a hardcover coffee table book, designed by former Edge Hind art editor Andrew Hind, which collects and reproduces the selection of fan art from the Soulsborne community along with comments from Youtuber (revelation: i was working with Andrew Hind a long time ago). The five art competitions from which the work is obtained were all thematic, so the book contains these sections: New Sekiro Prothhetics; Invisible lands of dark souls; Elden Ring Boss Challenge; Demon & # 39; s Souls Sixth Archstone; and finally Imagining Bloodborne 2.

The book soul arts.

(Image credit: Tune & Fairweather)

The project it was only launched a few days ago, but is already a huge success, surpassing half a billion with 27 days to go (it is currently around £ 530,000). The appetite for something, any news related to these games is real. There’s still plenty of time to take advantage, though considering the production values ​​of this thing, a physical copy will get you back £ 52 / $ 72 plus shipping, although there are several levels with extras, and you can even buy one signed by Vaati.

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