Borderlands 3 is a live game, but PlayStation owners stay out of the cold

Borderlands 3 is a live game, but playstation owners stay out of the cold

In May, the head of the gearbox, Randy Pitchford, revealed that the crossover game would arrive at Borderlands 3. An update released today has made it possible for PC, Xbox, Mac and Stadia gamers to join them all for shoot and plunder the desires of your heart. .

To start the action, you will need to create a cross-view name, which you will be prompted to do after you install the update, even if you do not turn on cross-play. (It is optional.) The chosen controller must be between 3 and 16 characters long, must begin with a letter, and must contain only az, AZ, 0-9, or underscores, hyphens, or non-consecutive semicolons, and must be be unique, so you may want to continue the process if you don't want a string of random numbers at the end of your name.

You may have noticed that PlayStation does not exist in the list of supported platforms. We explained the exclusion in May, but the undisputed version is that Sony requires a share of the action (i.e., money) of any successful crossover game that allows its platform. Apparently, the Borderlands 2K editor didn’t feel like paying, so it’s unless, unless it yields one side or the other, which seems unlikely, PlayStation gamers won’t be able to connect with the his friends who are not PS.

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Today’s update also features Revenge of the Cartels, identical to the 2020 Revenge of the Cartels event, which pits players against Joey Ultraviolent and his gang of neon flunkies. Complete challenges to win themed cosmetic rewards, including the skin of the ECHO Coschic Ring, the Pandora Sunset and my favorite (based on name only), Framed Tenderizer room decor.

Themed seasonal events have also become "infinite", meaning you can jump in and play them whenever you want, for as long as you want, and the level limit has been increased to 72, opening the door to a total of 70 skill points. for playing. You can find all the details about the update at

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