Both Titanfall games are again affected by DDoS attacks

Both titanfall games are again affected by ddos attacks

Titanfall players have been suffering from DDoS attacks for a long time. In April, after many months of complaints, Respawn told players he was investigating the problem and it seemed to be resolved. But now, a new wave of attacks is affecting both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 players, with streamers showing what appears to be not just a server crash, but individual players are isolated and unable to play the game anymore. beyond the initial scene. Players have also reported that they cannot connect.

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Modder Taskinoz has suggested that these are attacks on specific players and streamers and has created a Free Streamer mode mod that hides the names of the players in response. But it is now saying that since people have started using the mod, hackers simply attack the server on which the streamers play, instead of distinguishing the players and disconnecting them. Nothing has been confirmed, but Respawn has publicly announced that he is studying the issue. Currently, Titanfall servers are not working, as the investigation of the attacks is ongoing.

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Lots of players are responding to the official announcement to point out a similar problem with Apex Legends ranked matches, which also suffer from DDoS attacks. Both Titanfall games have a dedicated multiplayer community, which has probably also grown since the introduction of Apex Legends. Titanfall Content in season 9.

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