Broken Roads is an isometric Australian bankruptcy

Broken roads is an isometric australian bankruptcy

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The Team 17 publisher has announced that it has signed Broken Roads, an upcoming isometric role-playing game set in post-apocalyptic Australia. The game is in development from the magnificent studio Drop Bear Bytes, which comes from Torquay, Australia, and the trailer manages to mention the beer in the first ten seconds, so it feels pretty authentic.

The post-apocalypse of Broken Roads is based on real-world locations and landmarks, and the bumpf press makes a lot of noise about its narrative ambitions and "the complex stories of Australia's survivors." The immediate comparison is the first Fallout games, of course: the isometric style, the turn-based combat, the post-apocalyptic theme, and the promise of big, difficult decisions.

Survivors talk in a broken roads bar, a rare respite.

(Image credit: Team 17)

But the great shadow of Disco Elysium also appears here, albeit in a simplified way, with a system called the Moral Compass.

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