Bugn, Fortnite world champion, has the skin of the Icon Series

Bugn, fortnite world champion, has the skin of the icon series

We didn’t win a Fortnite World Cup last year, so 2019 world champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf can’t be blamed for continuing to take the lead. This time, Bugha finally gets his own Fortnite skin as part of the celebrity-filled Icon Series.

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Epic announced Bugha’s Fortnite skin on Monday, showing off the young champion’s blue and black suit.

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Fortnite bug skin

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Fortnite bug skin

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Fortnite bug skin

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Fortnite bug skin

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The most important part of Bugha’s Fortnite skin, however, is the digitized version of his real-life pug Zoey, which comes out of the World Cup trophy as a cosmetic. I could cry, it’s so cute.

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Bugha has three variants of his dress: one with the hat on and a world champion jacket, one with the hat and jacket off and one that gives electric current to the shirt.

As if that weren't enough, Bugha's double-thrust peaks also have the name Zoey of the Pug on them.

Bugha is also getting an emotional “homer grind” dance that he likes to do in the currents and that his family took out right after winning the World Cup.

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Epic is also added to a new LTM trio called "Bugha's Late Game".

It looks like the teams will be thrown into the third circle of storm with cured loads, encouraging quick and ruthless eliminations and quick construction skills. You have until July 28 to get at least 1,500 advertising points to qualify for a one-day tournament in the same format. These players will compete with others in their region to win a $ 100,000 prize pool.

Bugha’s Fortnite Icon Series skin will drop on July 20 at 8pm ET. Suppose it arrives at the grocery store and costs you somewhere in the kingdom from $ 1,500 to $ 2,800 V-dollars.

If Icon Series skins aren't your thing, check out our definitive ranking of the best Fortnite skins from July 2021. Don’t forget to grab the Lebron Fortnite skin as well.

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