Bungie and Ubisoft are suing the makers

Bungie and ubisoft are suing the makers

Ring-1 sells tricks by subscription. For 25 euros a week, a cheater can get a pack of Rainbow Six Siege tricks as an aimbot, configurable ESP tools to show the health and distance of other players, options to modify the spread and recoil of the player. 39; weapon, a hardware identification spoofer so they don't. It can't be banned (or if you've been banned before, you can avoid it) and a "long knife" to stab people on the other side of the map.

For 30 euros a week, a cheater receives tricks from Destiny 2, including a PvP aimbot, infinite ammo, ESP, and a HWID spoofer. Similar packages are available for Rust, Apex, Legends, Call of Duty, Escape from Tarkov, Hunt Showdown, Dead by Daylight, PUBG and more.

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