Bungie confirms there will be no new subclass of Darkness in Destiny 2 next year

Bungie confirms there will be no new subclass of darkness in destiny 2 next year

A breakfast has been delivered this week information about the future of Destiny 2 this has given me not only an information overload, but most likely information diabetes as well. It has been very absorbing. Perhaps the biggest surprise of Tuesday’s rich ad run was an omission: contrary to leaks, which on the other hand have proven to be clear, The Witch Queen no add a new Dark-based subclass when it arrives next February. Instead, Bungie outlined its plans to bring existing light subclasses to the same customization standard as Stasis, which is the Darkness subclass that was added with the Beyond Light expansion last year.

Some fans were still suspicious. Given that the star of The Witch Queen is Savathûn, the goddess of Hive’s deception, couldn’t Bungie do shit?

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