Bungie warns that the new Destiny 2 anti-cheat has a performance cost

Bungie warns that the new destiny 2 anti-cheat has a performance cost

Last night, Destiny 2 improved its security efforts by integrating the venerable BattlEye anti-cheating software into the game. But this extra safety can come at a cost of performance, as Bungie warns of out-of-frame crashes and increased load times.

"Anti-cheating solutions require additional system resources to monitor, and you may see a reduction in frames and performance after the 3.3.0 update is released," Bungie wrote in Security update ahead of last night’s patch. "The new service will also increase the initial start of the game".

However, BattlEye has not reached maximum power. Auto-ban is currently disabled as Bungie tests the tool on a large scale in a live gaming environment. If all goes well, they will activate all their features somewhere before the next Osiris tests on September 10, although, as always, the developer stresses that the fight against cheaters is an ongoing process.

"We want to make it clear that this is not a silver fix that will end all Destiny traps forever. This is one more step in our strategy to combat traps and improve our detection and ban methods." .

Bungie also claims that it takes a firmer stance on “profit negotiation” in PvP and will begin throwing bans at players involved in the practice. Hopefully, that means we won't see a repeat this year Matching schemes of the Hakke emblem.

Destiny 2, the season of the lost, also started yesterday, recovering Mara Sov, the fan favorite, and the arrival of a complete crossover game before the next big expansion of the game, The Witch Queen. Hopefully, BattlEye integration should mean that cheaters will have a harder time finding their way into the season of the lost.

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