Bungie will unveil the expansion of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen next month

Bungie will unveil the expansion of destiny 2's the witch queen next month

(Image credit: Bungie)

On August 24, the veil of mold will be removed from Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion, though it's not entirely clear from the teaser published today, the showcase will surely take place at the Bungie officer Twitch i YouTube channels.

Originally defeated in late 2021, The Witch Queen was delayed until 2022 as a result of pressures to develop from home during Covid-19. Little is known about the content of The Witch Queen, beyond that it will include the Guardians facing Savathûn as the titular antagonist and is the middle part of a trilogy of expansions that began with Beyond Light and will end with Lightfall.

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