Call of Duty 2021 may have appeared on as "Slipstream"

Call of duty 2021 may have appeared on battle. Net as "slipstream"

This is the time of year when we should learn more about the upcoming Call of Duty game, and a new leak from the depths of may point to an upcoming announcement. An encrypted version of what could be the next CoD with the code name "Slipstream" recently appeared on the client.

This information is provided by Helba, owner and operator of BlizzTrack, a standalone site that tracks new resources and compilations uploaded to the client. Helba said on Twitter who discovered the Slipstream logo “alongside the resources of Call of Duty 2021 at”. In a separate tweet, Helba also shared a backend code suggesting that Slipstream (also known as "Fore" in internal developer versions, apparently) will have an alpha before its release, which would be pretty standard for the upcoming Call of Duty. .

The styling of the Slipstream logo (which you can see below) coincides with strong rumors that this year's CoD game will return to World War II. Charlie Intel points out, Slipstream may also be a benchmark in 2008 Radio drama of World War II of the same name. So far we were referring to the project with its last known code name, Call of Duty: Vanguard. In May, Activision finally confirmed that Sledgehammer is leading the game's development.

Call of duty slipstream

(Image credit: Activision)

As for the Slipstream name, it’s probably best not to read too much of it. Studies often assign code names to games whose real names have not been announced or decided, and often bear little resemblance to the final title. The logo, on the other hand, can share some features with the final brand of whatever turns out to be Call of Duty: Vanguard / Slipstream / Fore.

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