Call of Duty Black Ops and the huge fourth season of Warzone is live and here it is

Call of duty black ops and the huge fourth season of warzone is live and here it is

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Today marks the launch of the & # 39; Season Four Recharged & # 39; in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone, and offers a wealth of new content, modes, and weapons through the games. There’s a new zombie experience, Mauer Der Toten, a new target mode in Warzone, a classic map return, and new modes in Blops multiplayer, and more.

Maur Der Toten is a zombie map based on a round that, if you keep up the tradition, is set up after the events of Operation Excision at the outbreak. Your squad works for Colonel Kravchenko in exchange for his freedom, and finds himself in a war-torn Berlin that has now been invaded by zombies.

The map also includes a fellow robot, Klaus, who shoots the zombies once activated, zip lines, a new "wonder weapon" in four flavors, the usual clutch of secrets, and the return of the Mule Kick advantage. which allows players to carry more weapons.

Call of duty warzone season 4.

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Outside of the undead, Blops Cold War multiplayer will see the return of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Rush, a 6vs6 map set on a paintball field. Later in the season, a new Moshpit Paintball mode will introduce visual paintball effects and impact sounds to its own playlist. Today's update also adds Capture the Flag mode, which we all know, though the claim that its "roots come from the first multiplayer Call of Duty experience" lifted me up. the eyebrows.

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