Call of Duty: Vanguard will be revealed on Warzone on Thursday

Call of duty: vanguard will be revealed on warzone on thursday [/ embed]

The next entry in the main series Call of Duty, which is now officially rumored and confirmed, is subtitled Vanguard and will be revealed via a trailer on Warzone on August 19 at 10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 18:30 BST. The information comes from an official promotional image posted on the Playstation Store, possibly before it was released. That's how Activision announced Black Ops – Cold War last year, and it's a strategy that seems to have paid dividends in this case.

Vanguard has been the subject of many leaks recently, with the name itself being the first to be released earlier this year. Apparently, the game is set during or near the time of World War II, and a lot of recently leaked images supported this rumor, which showed soldiers suitable for the period with a lot of mixed weapons in an environment that it contained palm trees. There was also a screen showing Vanguard characters, skins, and weapons for Warzone. Activision later went looking for sites that hosted these images to remove them, so make it whatever you want.

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