Call of Duty: War zone hackers are running out of money to sell

Call of duty: war zone hackers are running out of money to sell

Call of Duty: Warzone account sellers seem to be running out of stock thanks to new account security protections, Large plate reports.

Like many online games, an underground market has been circulating for the acquisition and resale of valuable Warzone accounts. It’s not uncommon for beads with desirable cosmetics to sell for up to $ 300, as the motherboard suggests that beads with the very rare skin of the Damascus weapon can reach $ 2,000.

But, apparently, stricter restrictions on account security have made it increasingly difficult to steal and resell accounts, including a captcha system to slow down automated account theft using hacked passwords and better tracking systems to pursue called account farms.

On one of the Discord servers investigated by the motherboard, an ad suggests that hackers are starting to pivot toward unlocking tools for existing accounts instead of selling the stolen ones directly.

"Because accounts are scarce due to changing security measures, we will now offer a variety of unlocking services. In short, we can help you unlock almost anything in (Modern Warfare / Cold War)," he said. reported a dealer to Discord.

Old accounts containing cosmetics that are no longer available (such as a controversial Roze dress) were especially sought after. But when asked when these "old accounts" came back, a salesman replied, "never." Unlocking a personal account with all cosmetics may seem better to some than having to play a new account, but it carries the added risk that Activision will detect activity and get a permanent ban.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been plagued by a cheating epidemic for months, from "silent" aiming to forcibly breaking streamers games. The sale of accounts itself has not stopped directly. But at the very least, it should be a little harder for hackers to recover and resell your Warzone account.

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