Capcom Promises Patch for Resident Evil Village Stuttering Problem Apparently Caused by DRM

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Over the weekend, a story began spreading about a cracked version of Resident Evil Village that, with DRM ignored, works better than the Steam version. The team of Digital casting then test this claim and confirm that, yes, the pirated version does not stutter like the official version.

You can see the DF analysis above, and here’s a summary of the findings, but the longest is that while the differences are relatively small, periodic DRM checks seemed to cause stuttering, especially during combat.

The culprits in this case appear to be Capcom’s internal DRM supervillain team alongside our old friend Denuvo, who is said to be incorporated into Capcom’s technology. It’s hard to point the finger at one or the other, but unless the cracker also fixed bugs while removing DRM, it looks like one or both must be the cause of the problem.

Denuvo says it has nothing to do with any Resident Evil Village stuttering. The company sent the following statement to PC Gamer: "At Denuvo, we understand that an uninterrupted gaming experience is key. After all, we are also players. Regarding the recent piracy and manipulation of Resident Evil Village, we have conducted several tests. on several machines and there are no differences in the gaming experience in the legitimate version protected with Denuvo Anti-Tamper, compared to the unprotected version without Denuvo Anti-Tamper.We cannot comment specifically on Capcom implementations, since which have nothing to do with Denuvo's solution. "

Without saying directly that DRM is the cause (it’s notable that this stutter doesn’t show up in console versions, according to Digital Foundry), Capcom has acknowledged that there is a problem and has said there is a solution on the way. He told us yesterday that the company was "currently studying PC performance issues" before submitting a new statement this morning: "The team is working on a patch to fix the PC performance issues that will be available soon. We'll share more details as they become available. "

A little embarrassing, innit. It has not been a day with red cards for Capcom or Resident Evil in general: In addition, today it was announced that the derivation RE: The verse has been delayed, once again, and Capcom is not committed to anything beyond 2022.

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