CDPR continues to play on the edges of the doomed world of Cyberpunk

Cdpr continues to play on the edges of the doomed world of cyberpunk

The latest patch of Cyberpunk 2077, version 1.23, has arrived on PC, fixing an absolute amount of errors. The usual funny notes on the patch are present and correct: "a problem was solved where Jackie could go through the glass," "a problem was solved in which after killing an NPC and stealing his car, his body could getting stuck in the "classic" car solved a problem in which dropping an NPC 's body caused too much destruction. "

For example, I will miss the grenade corpses.

The only change that seems to make a substantial difference in experience from time to time (unless you're hitting one of the deadly search errors, of course), is the optimization that it should produce "fewer instances of NPCs with identical appearances generating in the same area and to improve transmission".

The patch arrives CDPR President and CDPR CEO Adam Kiciński also recently reiterated CDPR’s commitment to Cyberpunk: "We intend to deliver on what we promised our players in January. Although we are already seeing significant improvements, a much of the team continues to work to make sure Cyberpunk delivers even better entertainment to players. "

Cyberpunk 2077

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However, what is realistic about expecting "better entertainment" from Cyberpunk 2077 is the elephant in the room. Each patch includes bulky notes and fixes an absolute ton of bugs and performance issues, but in every ad and CDPR forums, you'll see players asking in vain for more substantial changes: improved AI NPC in different varieties, more interactive elements of the world, the opening of closed shops and other buildings.

They’re all things that, right now, look like a pipe dream, and it’s very questionable whether Cyberpunk 2077 will ever be a fundamentally different experience than it is now. While there have been a lot of issues on the PC, there is nothing next to the absolute technical disaster perpetrated on our console cousins ​​(and it doesn’t help the CDPR itself eliminate the problem from the previous release version).

There still seems to be a problem with expectations with Cyberpunk 2077: that somehow CDPR can still "fix" it, and maybe all that hope and publicity for so long will end up being worth it. Undoubtedly, the studio has the resource to get a nobody's sky. The question is whether it would be better for all of us if CDPR just corrected all the mistakes and continued.

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