Chivalry 2 already plans to add even more maps for its bigger battles

Chivalry 2 already plans to add even more maps for its bigger battles

Chivalry 2 has just loaded through the gates, bringing players together between systems in cross-platform clashes cross-platform between 64 knights screaming, flaming, cutting and cutting. Not only the number of players makes the battles of Chivalry 2 even bigger than before. Their giant team goal maps are multi-stage battles that launch the two teams into increasingly intense clashes. Each map tells its own story, as do the chaotic medieval melodies of the big screens that inspired them. Some start with sieges that turn into frantic looting of cities. Others are chaotic night raids that go from burning barricades to attacking a fort. The biggest battles in Chivalry 2 will keep you constantly fighting your nails to achieve the next goal.

The siege of Rudhelm is just one of five huge battles. He appears after what has apparently been weeks of siege in Rudhelm, where he will play as the Masonic Order defending the fortress and its heir or attackers Agatha Knights making its final assault. You’ll be able to show off your first-person combat skills, like in team deathmatch or free maps, but there’s also a strategic level to think about. The winning side depends on your team's ability to defend goals and use the map to their advantage.

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