Chucklefish's charming eastward adventure RPG arrives in September

Chucklefish's charming eastward adventure rpg arrives in september

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After about two years of development, the publishing house Chucklefish and developer Pixpil will launch east on September 16, 2021. It is a game that wants to take a journey into the golden age of Japanese role-playing game, but it also stems from the culture and architecture of other parts of Asia, including Hong Kong and Shanghai, South Korea and India. Obviously, there is also inspiration from Zelda, Earthbound and Studio Ghibli.

Eastward’s story centers on a mysteriously powerful miner and girl as they embark on a train journey through a polluted and toxic landscape. The action game focuses on changing weapons to suit your enemy and switching between characters to overcome environmental puzzles. A lot of your time will be spent exploring the world, looking for things and cooking, always an important mini-game. Chucklefish says it takes about 30 hours to complete.

(Image credit: Pixpil, Chucklefish)

It’s a very Chucklefish game: a pixelated adventure that captures a retro vibe but maintains its own unique aesthetic. Only in screenshots have Pixpil artists really surpassed themselves. The soundtrack should also be excellent, as it is by Joel Corelitz, who also composed for Death Stranding, Hohokum and The Unfinished Swan.

You can find it to the east official website and for sale and Steam, where it costs $ 25, a 10% discount for pre-orders. It's also on the Nintendo Switch.

(Image credit: Pixpil, Chucklefish)

(Image credit: Pixpil, Chucklefish)

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