Coin Master Tricks 2021: Get More Coins Like A Pro!

Coin master tricks

Coin Master has become an absolute success on all mobile devices games. This intriguing game is played by many young teens including adults so much that many players have ended up being captivated by the playing experience. But as it is often with good quality game of this type – easy to understand but tough to master. That is why we have prepared this little guide with tips and tricks from Coin Master to help you be a better player.

Coin Master tricks to get you better from the start

Here the important thing – the more coins you collect, the better, from the moment you start playing. One of the tricks of mastering Coin master is that you do not hesitate to watch the promotional videos that will appear in the title from time to time. This will allow you to have more spins to get coins, and, also, you will support the game developers without having to spend real money.

Create a collection of cards as soon as you can and connect your account to Facebook, if you have one, as both will allow you to obtain more coins and other benefits as you progress through the levels. These are some of the fundamental tips from Coin Master for any player who wants to take the game seriously or at least is considering it.

The game will offer temporary events and offers from time to time, which will only be available in-game for a limited time. You should also take advantage of these opportunities, taking part in them and trying to play actively. Sometimes you will have to focus on certain activities, and other times you will have to play as usual, but do not forget about them.

Here are some more Coin Master tricks


Another of the most fundamental Coin Master tricks is to be consistent. The game provides daily rewards every time you open your app, so even if it’s just for that, open the app every day to receive them. It also has a progressive system, so the more days you do it, the more chances to receive better rewards.

Aware Of Imminent Attack.

When you have played Coin Master for several hours, there will be times when the construction of your town takes a very long time. Anyone might think that it is time to put the game aside until it is complete, but don’t do it: not only because of the advice above but because you can be attacked by other players and directly lose your possessions. You always have to be aware.

Two-finger trick in Coin Master

Here is how to get more coins to keep on playing the game

It’s a little-known trick in the game, but it can be very helpful. If you dug two holes somewhere and both had coins, tap on the two remaining holes simultaneously. Hold both down for a second. If there is one of them with coins in it, then it’s going to dig in, and you get a perfect raid this way.

It is essential to place your fingers level with each other and to play quickly. If you are too slow, you don’t get the desired response, and then you don’t get that perfect foray we were looking for.

Choose the right place to raid and dig.

When all three pigs hit you on a roll, you are allowed to raid another player’s village in Coin Master. This can enable you to earn a lot of money, although it depends on the village’s number of coins. On the map, there are four marked points, but there are only three where you can search.

One of those four has no coins, which makes a choice not always easy. However, there is a trick that can be of help, since the most advisable thing is to excavate in places near the buildings. It is not 100% proven, but it is usually in these sites where you’ll find the largest amounts of coins. So you can earn a lot of money in this regard by choosing the right area to dig.

We must combine this trick with the one we mentioned about the two fingers. This will allow raiding villages in Coin Master to be very effective and enable you to earn many coins.

Damaged buildings in Coin Master

In the betting machines in the game, you can get three figures from a hammer. If you get this, it assumes that you will be able to attack another player’s village in Coin Master. Before attacking, you have to consider if said player has a shield or not because if he uses one, you will earn much less money (just 50,000 coins) and cannot avoid the shield. You should therefore be interested that the enemy has no shield.

If the said enemy does not have a shield, you can earn a lot of money with your attack. But, likely, many do not know where to start carrying out an attack of this type. It is best to check if any buildings are damaged or have already been destroyed. If there are any, attack the building because they tend to be the ones with the most coins and which are often forgotten by many users.

When carrying out attacks in Coin Master, it is best to attack houses or monuments, in general, since they usually have the most coins for us.

Finally, one of the essential of Coin Master tricks has to do with lucky rolls. You have five spins an hour, but don’t use them hour after hour. Please wait until you have a few more runs to ensure there can be payoffs. Otherwise, it probably won’t do you any good. For example, wait 5 hours between runs or others or do one or two a day at most.

The Coin Master game is relatively easy to master if you have a guide that teaches you where to raid to get more coins. And in most cases, gamers go blind in on the game and eventually lose all their coins only because there is no guide to follow.

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