Coin Masters: An Old Game That Is Trending Today

Coin masters: an old game that is trending today

Coin Masters: For those of you who frequently open the App Store and Play Store, maybe you are familiar with this one game.

Facts about Coin Masters

Coin masters: an old game that is trending today

Coin Master is one of the top games on Android and iOS. Coin Master is quickly becoming a trending game on two mobile operating systems.

So before you play it, or maybe you’ve already downloaded and played Coin Master,

Here are 10 facts about Coin Masters that you should know:

1. Game developed in 2010

This game is not really a new game. Coin Master was developed in 2010, this game took almost 10 years to gain popularity.

Coin Master’s popularity stems from the release of the Coin Master trailer on Youtube by developer company Moon Active.

2. How to Play Coin Master

Nobody knew how to play Coin Master back in 2010, but now the game relies heavily on virtual slot machines.

In fact, that is the essence of the game. You are required to collect as many rounds as possible, this is so you can play the slot machine, which is rewarded with coins, attacks, shields, or more spins.

3. Village Development and Looting

There is also a village building feature in the game Coin Master, where you use the coins you collect from the slot machines.

As far as is known, buildings (as well as the village itself) do nothing, unless you get a star every time you upgrade a building.

4. Can Play with Friends

Coin Master allows us to play with friends. You can link your Facebook account when you start a game, so you can send game invites to your friends.

5. Trading Cards

In Coin Master, there are also in-game trading cards. Apart from building a village or repairing buildings, coins can also be used to buy chests.

There are 3 different chests you can buy, which contain a different number of collectible cards. You will get more spin prizes when you get a set of cards.

6. Lots of Coins and Stars

As you play more games, you can win more coins and stars! Coins are useful for spinning the slot machine to get more coins up to tens of millions of coins.

But the fun of getting lots of coins is one of the advantages of the Coin Master game.

7. The existence of Rewards

You may be wondering about this village. What happens after you finish upgrading the village buildings to the maximum level?

The answer is that you will open different villages, where you can start upgrading again! As a result, you won’t get bored easily playing this Coin Masters game.

8. Changing Money with Coins

If you are impatient and want to earn lots of coins faster, don’t worry. You can buy them for real money to buy more coins!

More coins means that you will have more opportunities to spin the slot machine. But yes, the price of the coins was quite expensive, it’s better to use the money for other purposes.

9. Marketing Advertising

One of the keys to Coin Masters success is that they take up a lot of the marketing budget. For example their advertisements are everywhere. One of them is on Youtube.

Even the Coin Masters ad is the most popular ad on Singapore Youtube because it features Jianhao Tan, a well-known YouTuber from Singapore.

10. Coin Masters Review

Despite being one of the most popular games today, Coin Master is also not free from bad reviews and comments.

One of them is on Channel Moon Active, the Coin Master trailer video uploaded by Moon Active is more dislikes than likes.

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Game Coin Master has also been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store. This proves that Coin Master is one of the best games today which attracts the attention of many gamers.

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