Company of Heroes 3 is coming next year, but you can play a demo right now

Company of heroes 3 is coming next year, but you can play a demo right now

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Company of Heroes 3 was announced today after many years in development and you can sign up to play what developer Relic Entertainment calls an alpha version of the game here.

This is the third chapter in one of the most revered RTS series of all time. Company of Heroes debuted in 2006 with near-universal recognition and several awards, including PC Gamer's Game of the Year 2006, and received two expansions — Fronts and Tales of Valor — before, in 2013, a full-length sequel, Company of Heroes 2.

Company of Heroes 3 is located in Italy and North Africa and features a dynamic turn-based campaign full of life-size missions and skirmishes. It seems huge: PCG’s online editor, Fraser Brown, didn’t get enough during his practice time and, in his detailed writing, explains why it’s a World War II RTS on the scale of a Total War game.

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You will be able to play as German, British and American forces in multiplayer, although in the campaign you will only play the Allies. The campaign is based on turns and is developed on a huge map with discreet objectives, which also allow you to explore and conquer them as you prefer.

The game’s big release is a “holistic loop” that keeps the overall campaign feeling inextricably linked to the RTS battles. Whatever you can do in a real-time fight, you can do it on the turn map: you can eliminate enemy forces before the "main" fight takes place.

This embrace of a Total War-style structure is the main attraction, but there are other systems that can have even more impact, such as tactical pause. At any time in a single player battle, you can pause the action and explore the map freely. This is only convenient, but the real advantage is the ability to sort units and queue commands while pausing. Anything you can normally do can be done with the frozen action (although multiplayer will only stay in real time).

Here is the game trailer.

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As shown above, Company of Heroes 3 has more than doubled the traditional destructive force of the series. All accessories, from buildings to foliage, can be damaged and not just have two states. Buildings can be removed, vehicles can blow up parts, and after fights, maps can barely be recognized.

Best of all, you can play now. Relic uses the Games2Gether program from Ampla, another Sega studio, and signing up for it means getting details, updates, and playable versions. A pre-alpha demo is available on Steam right now and you can blow up tanks and smash buildings with flamethrowers until 19:00 PDT on August 2 at 3:00 am BST on August 3.

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There is a reason why Company of Heroes remains a fixed item on our list of best strategy games for PC, and hopes are high for this one. Here’s everything we know about Company of Heroes 3 and the game will be released in 2022.

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