Cookie Clicker arrives on Steam

Cookie clicker arrives on steam

Cookie Clicker is a popular browsing game about clicking cookies, automating cookie production and enjoying the acquisition of millions of virtual cookies. Along with Candy Box, it is one of the games that helped popularize the idle game genre. Both were successful for some obvious reason: one was to accumulate a lot of cookies and the other was to accumulate a lot of candy.

Cookie Clicker will receive a Steam version on September 2nd. Or, you could do it just click here and play. The game has been in active development since 2013, but remains essentially the same. The player starts with a single click of a cookie, which gives them one (1) cookie. If they click on the cookie again, they have two (2) cookies, etc., until they have clicked on the cookie enough times to unlock less laborious ways to generate cookies. These include grandmothers who bake cookies en masse, and even time machines who drag cookies from the past and future into the greedy present of cookies. If you like to see numbers increase in MMOs, Cookie Clicker basically eliminates all the superfluous thinking and dexterity you normally associate with “gaming”.

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