Cookie Clicker has & # 39; Positively overwhelming reviews & # 39; on Steam because it deserves it

Cookie clicker has & # 39; positively overwhelming reviews & # 39; on steam because it deserves it

Cookie Clicker is on Steam. I won't bore you with my own Cookie Clicker anecdote, because thousands of players have stories of being absorbed in the cookie-buying vortex. Basically, Cookie Clicker was launched as a browser game in 2013 and is credited, along with Candy Box, for popularizing the slow motion / click genre. It's a fantastic game that forms habits about collecting cookies with the click of a mouse, but so far it has been difficult to find out what the public's attitude is towards it. really is because browser games have no Steam reviews.

But that has changed now, and just a day after its release, Cookie Clicker has a rating of "Positively overwhelming" on Steam, placing it in the same category as Half-Life 2 and Portal 2.

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