Cooler Master’s “nonsense” gaming gaming keyboard is back down to $ 48

Cooler master’s “nonsense” gaming gaming keyboard is back down to $ 48

The Cooler Master CK552 is a relatively affordable gaming keyboard with mechanical key switches, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to paying the full price. It goes on sale every so often. Right now it’s one of those moments, with Woot (owned by Amazon) selling it for himself $ 47.99.

That is, $ 32 below its list price of $ 79.99. And if you ask me, the answer is "yes", this is a new condition item, which has not been renewed or recertified. So it’s the same as buying it anywhere else (including Amazon), it’s only cheaper, with free standard shipping to boot if you’re a Prime member.

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Affordable gaming keyboard

Cooler Master CK552 | Gateron red switches | RGB | $ 79.99 $ 47.99 in Woot (save $ 32)
The CK552 is an affordable gaming mechanical keyboard with some eye-catching features, such as an aluminum cover, RGB key lighting, and on-the-fly controls so you can record macros in real time without using any software.See offer

Cooler Master presents the CG552 as a “no-nonsense, no-compromise” keyboard that covers the basics. It starts with the Mechanical keyboard switches: This model has Gateron Red switches, which are linear, which means that the action of the key is smooth and consistent. For the most part, red switches of any brand are aimed at players who want fast action and minimal resistance (there is no tactile protection in the middle of a key).

I prefer some very nasty blue switches, but if you like a quieter, smoother ride, the red ones will do you good.

This is also a full-size keyboard with a brushed aluminum cover and an attractive "floating" key design. Other amenities include customizable key RGB lighting, on-the-fly controls without the need for software (such as macro recording), and built-in memory (512 KB) for storing settings on the keyboard.

Cooler Master shunned a few things at the time, such as dedicated media controls (which reside as secondary function key controls) and a USB port. But getting RGB key lighting and aluminum construction for less than $ 50 is pretty damn good.

So are reviews from both users and professionals. You can go to Google (or Bing or DuckDuckGo or whatever) to see what I mean, but these people generally like this keyboard. And you can’t argue with the price.

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