Counter-Strike like Minecraft is the coolest clutch of all time

Counter-strike like minecraft is the coolest clutch of all time

The clutch is one of the key elements of Counter-Strike's competitive appeal. They can occur in more or less any scenario where a team is outnumbered, but I would say that the classic clutch, the purest of all clutches, is a 1vs4 scenario around a ticking bomb site. tac. These are the moments when legends are born, when the best players in the world show why they are the best. And when everyone else does flash-bang, a single roll occurs.

The KlenKluke counterattack recorded a moment of clutch and, for some reason, decided to edit it as if the game were played with Minecraft's HUD and, in some respects, its items. To be clear that this is not a modification, it is just a very funny video.

There are so many things to admire (as well as the sick goal). The change between the inventory icons at the bottom, the recreation of the bomb stopwatch in Minecraft mode, the small text of death and, above all, the fact that the AK-47 shoots arrows at the unfortunate against -terrorists. The creator has also done some fun with the aspect ratio to make the various elements look like they fit together.

More than anything, though, the one who has had the least work does it: Minecraft music is legitimate some of the quietest, most relaxed melodies you can get. Caped on a moment of intensity like this, together with the visual flowers, he manages to turn a nail-biting clutch into a kind of Zen experience. You can’t imagine CTs having no chance – Minecraft music tells you it would be wrong.

As mentioned, this is not a modification and the creator KlenKluke has no intention of becoming one (there are, however, a modification of Counter-Strike Fall Guys that is better than Fall Guys). The venerable shooter will have a 2022 decade, but the game and the community around him are still huge and vital, with his status as king of competitive shooters unchanged. Although this video makes us think: the Minecraft music kit? Volvo pls?

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