Cultic is a retro shooter inspired by Blood, you can now play a demo

Cultic is a retro shooter inspired by blood, you can now play a demo

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During its digital showcase Realms Deep, 3D Realms ("still puts baths in games") announced that it would release Cultic, a retro FPS in the vein of blood developed by Jasozz Games. In Cultic you play a detective who rises from the grave to take revenge on a group of hooded cultists with sticks, who take "a full arsenal of mid-century firearms and explosives." ".

Expect a Mauser, a Sten gun and a lot of TNT. Cultic also offers a kick and the option to throw chairs or other makeshift weapons at the faces of these simple cultists. While the graphics are retro, Cultic offers some modern motion options, such as sliding and sliding so you can move quickly, but I hope to spend a good amount of time scrubbing the walls looking for secret doors as well.

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