Dark Horse wants you to want to incorporate its comic icons into your games

Dark horse wants you to want to incorporate its comic icons into your games

Dark Horse Comics, the publisher of Hellboy, 300 and Umbrella Academy, wants to bring its series to games with the creation of a new division of Dark Horse Games.

As detailed New DH Games site, the owner of the comics wants to expand his library of "more than 425 worlds and characters based on history, diverse and unique." While yes, this could create room for the first Hellboy game since 2008, Dark Horse wants to launch things with "older, less established" properties, reinventing them as "first-in-game" franchises.

Maybe that’s good, mind you. Hellboy's most notorious video game release was generously described by Richard Cobbett as "showing the kind of lost confidence that normally makes people jump from Niagara Falls while actually flapping their wings." The big red appeared in Injustice 2, but it will be interesting to see who Dark Horse can pull out of the darkness to start things.

The publisher has not yet made formal announcements about the series that will return or, more importantly, about who will develop these games. Instead, DHG simply writes that it is "in active discussions with the world's leading gaming companies to develop games with our IPs that will be released over the next few years and on all platforms (mobile, PC, console and cloud)" .

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