Dead Space reboot shows its & # 39; super-precise & # 39;

The dead space remake confirmed: here’s our first look

Electronic Arts finally confirmed in July that a remake of Dead Space is in the works. EA Motive is developing science fiction horror recovery and will be "completely rebuilt from the beginning", with improved graphics and a story that will follow closely, but not entirely, the original. Today we’ve taken a closer look at what the study has in mind and how things are going, and while it’s still very early in the development process, it looks promising.

The main combat mechanic in Dead Space can be described as "cutting off their limbs," which is so central to the game that someone wrote it on the wall in blood. The reboot will lean even further into this aspect of the game, with a new "body destruction" system that will allow players to cut and cook enemies in "super precise" ways.

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