Deathloop PvP will be "the ultimate test" for players

The new deathloop video causes something to happen between colt and julianna [/ embed]

In July, Bethesda released a nine-minute gameplay video showing one of a Deathloop player's missions, to hunt down and kill Aleksis "The Wolf" Dorsey. Dana Nightingale delved into the multiplayer component of the game, a killer-v-killer competition between Colt and Juliana that we haven’t considered yet.

The story of a Deathloop player follows Colt Vahn, who tries to escape for a while on Blackreef Island, and Juliana Blake, a murderer who seems to really enjoy stopping him. But it also supports multiplayer to invasion, as players can enter games and take over from Juliana to cause pain. Colt and Juliana are comparatively capable, but they approach their problems very differently: Colt's "Reprise" ability allows him to die twice before the game is over, which means he can risk more than Juliana, who will have better results relying on subterfuges and alert situation.

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