Design your own massive Valheim boats with this mod

Design your own massive valheim boats with this mod

Send by CaptStinkwater in Nexus Modifications (Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

From the raft to the mighty ship, there are a few different sea ships that can be created in the Valheim Viking survival game. But in a game where you spend so much time thoroughly building the foundation of your dreams, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to limit yourself to making one of the standard ships. Instead, wouldn’t it be great to build your own custom model from scratch?

The ValheimRAFT mode allows you to build a Viking ship to your own specifications, no matter how wild. Start with a basic version of the raft, but instead of getting stuck with a simple mast and sail, you can use it as a construction platform. Although it will be difficult to build hell while your boat is in the water (you may want to use it). Valheim is cheating to make it easier), the sky is the limit, as Valheim’s normal construction rules do not apply. You can stick as many pieces as you want. They go crazy!

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