Despot's Game is like Teamfight Tactics, except it's also a roguelike dungeon tracker

Despot's game is like teamfight tactics, except it's also a roguelike dungeon tracker [/ embed]

Roguelikes has to be the perfect genre because it really looks like it can be combined with any other genre and achieve something interesting. Case Study: Despot & # 39; s Game, a roguelike autobutler in which you build and manage a horde of naked humans that can be equipped with everything from sheep to refrigerators. Then use this army to navigate a procedurally generated dungeon full of monsters and, occasionally, other human players. The further you go, the more objects go crazy to give to your soldiers, but when you die you lose all progress and start again. I like roguelikes and I like Teamfight tactics, so Despot & # 39; s Game seems like a pretty safe bet.

If you have no idea what attackers like TFT are all about, the point is to form a team of soldiers who can fight for you without any direct input. The strategy lies in what items you give them and how you organize them on the battlefield, but once the bell rings and the fight begins, all you have to do is sit back and watch the carnage.

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