Destiny 2 player from the second team to remove Vault of Glass banned by an offensive username

Destiny 2 player from the second team to remove vault of glass banned by an offensive username

The Vault of Glass raid, originally remembered by Destiny, appeared on Destiny 2 on May 22, and within hours, several teams had already deleted it and the subsequent Glass Vault challenge mode. The World First record was for the Elysium clan with a time of 1h 43m 55s, and the six team members have their name in the classification. However, if you look at the firets team that came in second with a time of 2h 24m 16s, you will only see five players on the list. This is because one of them had the username "# BlackLivesDon & # 39; tMatter".

As head of the Bungie community Dylan Gafner said on Twitter when the username was noted, "this violates our code of conduct. The player in question will be banned. Be sure to report any such name at the platform level as well." Chris Shannon, the head of the main community, responded more succinctly with one Free trailer for SpongeBob.

Racism will ban many multiplayer games, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, which automatically bans anyone from entering a racial chat. Here it is what about players who say something racist in the most popular multiplayer games.

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