Destiny 2: The Witch Queen teaser shows a very intimidating Savathûn, who is taller than Lady D.

Destiny 2: the witch queen teaser shows a very intimidating savathûn, who is taller than lady d. [/ embed]

Bungie is set to properly unveil the upcoming big expansion of Destiny 2 tomorrow and, at first glance, they have released the 15-second teaser trailer. As already established, the new adventure will play a prominent role in Savathûn as the antagonist, who has managed to get on the shit lists of most Guardians due to his apocalyptic treatment of the last city. This is Savathûn in the top trailer, bathing non-stop on a lake full of corpses. Nice.

It is also worth noting, as it is a very important issue in 2021, that the height of Savathûn is a huge 21 feet, that is, more than twice the height of the other Very Tall video game antagonist of the year, Lady Dimitrescu. The latter enters in a frankly pathetic 9 & # 39; 6 ".

Given that the revelation is tomorrow, not much is known about what The Witch Queen will contain. Resident fan team counts there is a new elemental power in the cards, along with a new destination, probably the Old Chicago of the Earth.

The revelation of the expansion will coincide with the release of the season of the lost Destiny 2, which has given the rumor a good job: Phil and Rich have explained all this this way, and many things seem quite legitimate.

Anyway, it doesn't take too long until we find out everything from the horse's mouth: the great showcase of Destiny 2 it takes place on August 24 at 9:00 PT / 12:00 ET / 5:00 BST or at 2:00 on Wednesday in Australia.

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