Destiny 2's primary weapons receive infinite ammo next season

Destiny 2's primary weapons receive infinite ammo next season

The latest edition of This week at Bungie delve into the Destiny 2 firearms studio plans next season, which will see the introduction of Legendary Stasis weapons and new changes to weapon archetypes. But the most interesting change is being made to primary weapons, which – as some players already suspected – will have endless ammunition in the new season.

"Running out of primary ammunition has never been tactically interesting," said Chris Proctor, head of weapons functions at the upgrade. "Running out of hard PvE content or because you have a tear in PvP was a strange and sometimes frustrating experience that we would like to not subject anyone to in the future."

Of course, this is Destiny 2, and that means Bungie can't put endless bullets into her weapons and call her up to date. Other adjustments need to be made to make up for the fact that players will no longer grab those white ammo bricks. A larger supply of ammunition doesn’t mean much if, after all, you’re literally never going to run out. And so:

  • The inertia substitution has been adjusted to take into account that there are no primary bricks.
  • The downside of reducing Mag's reserve ammo doesn't make much sense anymore: it's been reworked to be + reload speed, magazine size.
  • The increase in Compact Arrow Shaft's growing reserve ammunition has also been reworked to reload and manipulate.
  • Some other benefits have been updated that refer to bookings in a way that is no longer accurate.

As for these weapon archetypes, support grenade launchers "increase as a pain point in PvP", so they are slightly reduced with reductions in blast radius and splash damage. , although PvE damage is increasing slightly. PvE damage from machine guns also gets a 20% buff to make them more effective in "high difficulty content", scout rifles and hand cannons get a boost against minors and fusion rifles get various adjustments for better differentiate their subfamilies.

Exotic grenade launcher Anarchy is baffled (again), with a total ammunition reduction of 26 to 16 and a 30% reduction in head damage (not including champions). Xenophage is also being affected, with a lower rate of fire (120 RPM to 90) and a reduction in Machine Gun PvE damage loss, and Fighting Lion is also being reduced to compensate for the change in ammunition. the primary weapon: "Activate quickly, unlimited grenade spam was too high in PvP," Proctor said.

Other exotics that change include Vex Mythoclast, Merciless, Jotunn, Bastion and Sweet Business, and there are also new visual effects for grenade launchers, rockets and fusion rifles and legendary fusion.

"We are devoting a lot of energy to the expansion of The Witch Queen and there are a lot of things that change in a few weeks, so we want to see how things are shaken up before we decide to fine-tune," Proctor wrote. . "We will see the release of season 15 up close and we are ready to make some small adjustments as needed during the first half of the season."

Season 15 of Destiny 2 will be released on August 24 and, along with the development of weapons, will also bring about major changes in Guardian skills.

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