Don't expect any new news from Hollow Knight: Silksong at E3 this year

Don't expect any new news from hollow knight: silksong at e3 this year

In an effort not to keep fans in suspense, Team Cherry's director of marketing and public relations, Matthew & # 39; Leth & # 39; Griffin, recently announced in the Hollow Knight Discord that no new Hollow Knight: Silksong announcements or blog posts were planned for this year's E3.

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E3 is still recognized as the gaming event that many studios keep their ads on and expectations are usually high, Griffin telling people not to hold their breath should take some pressure off both the team and the fans waiting.

The last thing we knew about the development of Silksong was one exclusive article to the February 2021 issue of Edge magazine. In it, game designer William Pellen and animator Ari Gibson talked about how a whole new environment to play in was the best choice for Hornet, whose adventure was originally supposed to be a Hollow Knight DLC.

"The core of the world is primarily a reflection of Hornet: his struggle is so rapid and so competent that it changes the way he designs enemies and his nature as a character is echoed in the way the world is set up. up ".

It also led to the design of many traps for Silksong’s new Pharloom world, as well as the enemies that will amaze you. Even the way Hornet heals makes significant changes in the way the game feels when played, but Silksong is supposed to still feel “comparable” in difficulty to Hollow Knight.

With a whole new world, a different heroine, and a faster fight, it's easy to see how much there is to do on the Cherry team. The huge success of Hollow Knight and the expectation that is created for a sequel will probably also contribute to the decision not to give away too much, too much time. In the end, Hollow Knight lives on his mystery.

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