Double the gravity in the Sky Beneath puzzle

Double the gravity in the sky beneath puzzle

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The narrative-led puzzle platform, Sky Beneath, recently appeared on Steam, with the goal of launching it this year, and has a pretty promising free demo. The Mindhaven Games indie is narrative, with savior Cassie looking for remains in abandoned facilities. To get around, you need to use limited gravity control to move through various puzzle-like stage rooms.

Cassie can walk on walls and ceilings, as well as change the direction of gravity of the objects around her. Subjectively changing what happens and what happens to things like power generators and other strange objects in the puzzle is what allows Cassie to move from one room to another; it's pretty neat. The demo has some pretty simple stuff, but it’s clear from this little taste that Mindhaven’s basics will allow for some really crazy puzzle opportunities.

It's a nice looking, bootable game, integrated into Unreal with detailed and beautiful environments to explore. I'll warn you in advance, though: it's very easy to get confused. I didn’t get it wrong, though I did, but it’s possible. You can find Sky Beneath and Steam and al Mindhaven Games website.

The sky below

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