Dr. Disrespect starts his own game development studio

Dr. Disrespect starts his own game development studio

Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm is looking to launch his own game development studio, according to a job posting appears on the website of his Champion & # 39; s Club. It’s an important play but in a way unsurprising to the streamer, as he used to work on the Call of Duty Activision developer as a level designer before deciding to spend his life with a wig and sunglasses.

However, the nameless studio has one amazing thing: it will play games by collaborating with different "mega influencers".

At this time only a position of head of study appears, presumably as a first step to outline the project, but the job description gives some ideas about the supposed operation of the study. "The studio plans to partner with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream game title," the ad says. "These game titles will be incubated and developed Or partners or co-developers will be developed with existing independent game developers and released as mega titles."

Many games already make influencers an important part of their marketing strategy, so joining forces with influencers to design and promote games from pre-alpha to launch is perhaps the next natural step for these business arrangements. . The app also mentions sports and monetization, which give some important clues as to what types of games Beahm expects to create: free competitive shooters, anyone?

I can’t help but be skeptical. There’s a big gulf between a “dream game” invented by a popular Twitch streamer and something that can actually be played, fun, and commercially viable. Many of the FPS influencers I follow are very vocal about the superfluous technical shortcomings of games like Apex Legends and PUBG, which could lead such a project to overemphasize these aspects. It will be interesting to see how such a project wooed ordinary players while presumably adapting to the tastes of elite artists. Again, Valorant is developed in part by some former CS: GO professionals, and it turned out to be pretty good.

There is also the persistent Beahm number sudden and mysterious ban from Twitch last year, at a time when the gaming industry was facing widespread stories of harassment and abuse. Twitch never specified why he ended Beahm's Twitch account suddenly Beahm tells us in an interview that it had done nothing to violate its multimillion-dollar exclusivity agreement with the streaming platform. Although rumors abounded, no concrete information ever appeared that explained what had really happened. Weeks later, Beahm switched to streaming on YouTube, where she has since been doing her things quietly.

If you dream of doing “megaprinciples” with “mega influencers,” you can do it check out the job application here.

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