Dragon Age 4 may not have any news, but it does have conceptual art

Dragon age 4 may not have any news, but it does have conceptual art

We knew this year's EA Play wouldn't feature any of Dragon Age 4 or the new Mass Effect game. Still, it was published by Christian Dailey, executive producer of BioWare an apology to Twitter along with some new art concept, promising that "the team is heading down with a lot of strength and moving forward a lot," and said they will share more when the time comes.

While funny, conceptual art is risky to speculate on: it is often used to establish a mood or idea, particularly the most illustrative scenes that are shared publicly.

Concept art from dragon age 4, which shows an anti-vanity crow brandishing a tweezers on a roof

(Image credit: BioWare)

We know that the crows of Antivan – a guild of assassins – have appeared repeatedly in stories that have appeared between Dragon Age: Inquisition and now. Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights, last year's collection of short stories contained several stories about the killers, including Courtney Woods' participation in "The Wigmaker Job". Then, on Dragon Day, in December 2020, Mary Kirby published & # 39; The Wake & # 39 ;, an official short story with the same Woods crows. And this isn't the first piece of conceptual art to show us what a crow looks like with its identifying mask and feather cape.

It seems fair to speculate that, anything else, there will be at least crows Dragon Age 4. If this art represents a particular the crow or just the idea of ​​one is in the air, as Dragon Age 4 is still in its early days.

Dragon Age 4 experienced a major pivot in its development earlier this year. It was previously designed with "heavy multiplayer components", according to a Bloomberg report. These elements were abandoned as a result of Anthem's disappointing performance and the success of a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order player. This happened after 2018 had already been restarted to turn it into a "live" game.

With the development of the Dragon Age 4 vision that is undergoing so many changes, conceptual art can only tell us a lot, even if it’s fun. For more information, read everything we know about Dragon Age 4.

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