Duke Nukem's 3D Realms studio and eight more studios have just been purchased

Duke nukem's 3d realms studio and eight more studios have just been purchased

Embracer Group, formerly known as THQ Nordic AB and parent company of THQ Nordic GmbH, Gearbox and Koch Media, has announced the acquisition of eight more studios for a total amount of SEK 2.7 billion (US $ 313 million). Probably the best known acquisition of the lot is the Danish developer 3D Realms, makers of the Duke Nukem franchise, for an undisclosed sum.

Other acquisitions include Deep Rock Galactic Ghost Ship Games developer, Huntdown developer Easy Trigger Games and DigixArt, developers of 11-11 Unpublished Memories and Upcoming Highway 96. The most valuable acquisition in terms of sales and projected growth is Crazy Labs, a major mobile game publisher with a focus on casual gaming and 4.5 billion downloads to date. Here is the complete list of studios purchased by Embracer:

  • 3D kingdoms
  • Crazy Labs
  • Deca Games
  • DigixArt
  • Easy trigger
  • Ghost ship games
  • Grimfrost
  • Slipgate hardware store

The acquisition of anything that is not achieved in Embracer has become a gag, but it is worth remembering the degree of authorship they have become: Embracer is now the parent company of 76 companies in 40 countries, with more than 8,000 employees in total. The eight new acquisitions join companies such as The developer of Valheim, Iron Gate, Mudrunner and World War Z, Saber Interactive, and Coffee Stain, which is both a publishing group and developer of the well-known factory builder Satisfactory. When it comes to acquiring video game companies, it would not be an exaggeration to call Embracer a little European Tencent, how sure they have been … embracing many companies.

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