Dungeons of Edera is an indie devil, similar to Souls, in Unreal Engine

Dungeons of edera is an indie devil, similar to souls, in unreal engine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcgyJzUwwGA [/ embed]

Independent developer Monster Tooth Studios has a promising-looking action RPG that has been in development for some time, Dungeons of Edera, a type of roguelite action RPG from the tough, elusive combat of the Soulslike subgenre. It is also manufactured in Unreal Engine and it is noticeable: it looks good. Far from the pixels you’ll normally be in when “Indie” and “Soulslike” are in the same sentence.

Edera has been on Early Access on Steam since last summer, with new features and updates, and has approved user reviews. It's a game focused on procedurally generated dungeons that are part of a structured campaign. These are also booties, which you might expect from the fall of the Diablo name I made to the headline.

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