During development, Skyrim's introductory chariot was defeated by a single bee

During development, skyrim's introductory chariot was defeated by a single bee

"Hey, you. You're finally awake." If you play Skyrim and don’t use modifications like Alternate Start or Skyrim Unbound to skip the introduction, you’re probably familiar with those words. You can even print them on a pillow. They are the first thing you feel when you arrive, bound and imprisoned, hitched to the back of a cart that will take you and your fellow prisoners to your execution.

That scene, with the rebels telling you that you got confused with one of them when you cross the border and that the Imperials are about to cut your head off, was harder to create than you might think. Nate Purkeypile, an artist who worked on Skyrim and Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 during his time in Bethesda, explained some of the difficulties the team encountered. Twitter.

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