EA could ban beta readers of Battlefield 2042 after release

Ea could ban beta readers of battlefield 2042 after release

With Battlefield 2042 launching its limited beta testing this week, which EA billed as a “technical preview,” several videos, live segments, and screenshots began appearing online. However, people participating in this beta signed an NDA that would not share details or videos of the game. Now EA has warned those people who may not only be out of the test, but have been kicked out of the game completely, forever.

EA has taken quick steps to crush the videos as they appear, but yesterday the EA Studios Europe community manager made a twitter about the test. Walsh detailed how the test goes, giving details on how many they play and why EA does technology tests like these. At the beginning of his thread and in the middle, however, Walsh reminded readers that they are "under NDA for this game test, so videos, screenshots, and broadcasts" would result in EA taking action against the channel. of publication. "Breaking the rules," Walsh said, "expects to lose access to the technical game test, future EA tests, and potentially the same 2042 when it is released."

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