eFootball launches on September 30, but is it ready to get started?

Efootball launches on september 30, but is it ready to get started?

Konami has announced the release date of eFootball, which will be available on PC on September 30, along with a rather unnecessary brand change of the game as eFootball 2022. eFootball itself is a brand change and a new image, with this play on the "football platform" is the editor's main attempt to bring the acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer series to life. The question is whether it is ready to begin.

You can download and play eFootball 2022 at the end of the month, but after that date several aspects will follow, in an important update that is scheduled for sometime in the fall. The game at launch will include the eFootball World hub, from where players can play in offline or online matches (including tournaments) with a selection of nine clubs and six stadiums. There are some great players among the teams available: Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, as well as Arsenal. But nine clubs? It seems like a positively anemic selection.

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