Escape from Tarkov shows a destructible landscape and a creepy APC

Escape from tarkov shows a destructible landscape and a creepy apc

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Battlestate Games has released a new trailer for Escape from Tarkov, the next new area, called & # 39; Streets of Tarkov & # 39 ;. This is a pretty spectacular trailer that shows some of the new weapons and vehicles that will be introduced in the survival hardcore shooter. It gives a rather misleading impression of the game, but I fully understand that, “You’ll run for 20 minutes and then be shot by someone you haven’t seen” is probably not the most appealing playing field for new players.

The most notable elements are that this expansion will introduce destructible landscapes, an addition to Tarkov’s unique take on tactical combat that will have important implications. No less important, if my equipment is something that can happen, at your frequency. I'm kidding I'm kidding, I love this game (until I die).

The trailer shows much of this new location, which is very open and I'm already afraid to visit it, but it keeps the big revelation to the end. What appears to be a Scavian boss (an enemy faction of NPCs) is rolled up with a floating armored vehicle with its crew. Escape from Tarkov is a bloody and brutal world, but it’s never had anything like this level of firepower, and if you can’t kidnap it and drive other players laughing, I’ll be a very sad man.

The official description of the Battlestate Games map includes a rather blatant description of the new area: "The architecture of the complex is dominated by clear geometric shapes and straight lines of the facades. A system of ventilated facades has been used. , which helps keep you warm in the winter and protects you from overheating in the summer.The color palette is maintained.High ceilings and panoramic windows will not leave anyone indifferent.Another advantage of the complex Concordia residential is the sufficient number of parking spaces in the underground car park. 149 parking spaces. The courtyard is closed, landscaped, including functional areas for games, sports and recreation, as well as parking for guests. "

Streets of Tarkov does not yet have a release date, beyond the "future version 0.13".

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