Everspace 2 gets a whole new demo with no time limit

The latest everspace 2 update has more than 150 changes, including new missions inspired by the classic pc descent

We said earlier this year that Everspace 2 "is about to be the new gold standard for space shooters," which was especially commendable as it was only being released in Early Access. It has come a long way since then: an update released earlier this month added a lot of new content, including missions inspired by the fantastic 6DOF Descent shooter, and now you can try it out thanks to a new demo which is now to live Steam.

The demo has no time limit (you can play it as much as you want), but it is limited to the first sector of Ceto, the initial system of the game, which allows players to access the first five main missions and the two secondary missions. and as many random encounters as you feel like taking on. If you really dig into your space adventures and decide to move to the full advance access version, any progress you’ve made on the demo will go ahead. In order to ensure that aggressive grinding does not completely turn things off, players will have a cap at level 5, although they can take as much money as they want.

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